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d. fleiss & east west artists

24th- august to 5th September 2011

Several western and eastern artists founded the Non Profit Association„dorothea. fleiss & east-west artists" for professional artists, in January 1998. The purpose of our association is to establish a working basis for the cooperation between artists from eastern and western countries.Our aim is to encourage and to improve the cultural and the artistic exchange between outstanding artists originating from different historical backgrounds, defined by eastern and western countries, respectively. A great impact to achieve this aim is granted by artists from all around the world being in close contact to each other and to our association. With the participation of western and eastern artists in symposia and group exhibitions held in the East or in the West (between 2000 and 2011 in Germany, China, Romania, Hungary, Serbia, Turkey) these artists will contribute to create a broader understanding of the contemporary arts in the respective part of the world


Organized by d. fleiss & east west artists e. V Stuttgart Germany/ China

Linhong ZHAO
Dorothea FLEISS

Invited GUESTS:

Ahmad SOUFI, Siria, Antonella PROTA GIURLEO, Italy, Antonio SORMANI, Italy , Beata BEBEL KARANKIEWICZ, Poland Camelia DEZNAN, USA, Christine KERTZ, Austria Darius BEBEL, Canada Erich PAPROTH, Germany Eva GEROCS, Hungary Helene KLEINDIENST - GUGGI, Austria Johanna LÖFFLER, Austria Laurette WITTNER, France Mirela TRAISTARU, Romania, Sermira WAHAB, Sweden/Iraq Wlodzimierz KARANKIEWICZ, Poland, Vasile POP – NEGRESTEANU, Romania, Vasile TOLAN, Romania, Zsuzsa SZEMAK, Romania

presenting at Artists from around the world are invited to attend the conference on 'International Opportunities in the Arts' in Boston, Massachusetts, April 7-10, 2011.

Please read the article, follow the hyperlinks, and become inspired to develop your own international career.
(by ASTRID HIEMER, 07/01/2012

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